1. Which side of the protection faces the body?

All Sas-Tec protection is fitted into its corresponding pouch with its hard, structured side facing up, meaning it faces the body. (The fabric side) is covered satined, smooth part of the protection is placed onto the lining facing the outer part of the jacket. Since the protectors harden upon impact, riders have no discomfort wearing the protection. The structure allows full flexibility.

2. How do I find the right size to perfectly fit me?

Obviously models always look good in what they wear, so how can I be sure to have the right size for me? Our size chart provides an international reference for all of our apparel. Obviously we all have individual shapes and we can only provide standardized support. If you have any more specific concerning your fit, feel free to drop us a line design@taverimoto.com.

3. I’d like to return my product, how does that work?

Please feel free to drop us an email at shop@taverimoto.com and we will send you instructions for the returning process. 

4. Taveri leather goods require special leather cleaning, what does that incline?

Select cleaners provide special leather good cleaning services. Be sure to have such specialised service partner for a full cleaning, including dry cleaning of the inside lining available. We also recommend regularly wiping off your leather goods when soiling it with insects and the liking after riding periods. Be sure to use a gentle cloth dampened with water only. Leather care should only be applied on a clean jacket. Please ensure to check instructions of your leather care products.

5. What’s the meaning of CE-AA protection?

The safety of riders is of utmost importance to us at Taveri. In order to achieve a CE-AA protection our products have gone through a series of tests.

6. I’d like to customise my jacket to a special fit. Is that possible and how do I place my inquiry?

Custom-made models can be ordered on demand and at an additional cost. We advise to send a message at design@taverimoto.com for further details.