Unisex Rider-Style Hoodie Powder

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Our rider-style hoodie is made of 100% diagonally woven cotton. The hoodie has a three-dimensional, white, rubber print on its chest as well as a Taveri branding in its neck. As a unisex product, our Rider Hoodie offers a casual fit and complements our jackets and vests in comfort. The double-layer Taveri hoodies have gunmetal-colored metal eyelets to providing a sleek look. We dismiss the use of cords for fashion style and above all to avoid unnecessary distractions for our riders. We recommend machine washing our hoodie on cool temperatures, also inside out ironing at moderate heat is advised. Our car label provides further details.

  • Double layer hood

  • White rubber print on the chest and neck

For a better understanding of your size selection, we have created the following tables:

unisex size women size  men size
XXS 34 -
XS 36 -
S 38 46
M 40 48
L - 50
XL - 52
XXL - 54