Taverimoto's aspiration: Prolonged endurance based on highest quality. Instead of following fast-fashion cycles, we focus on creating products that are regarded as wardrobe favorites. Our collections are marked by avant-garde to timeless design, relevant to the motorcycle and fashion world for years to come. Currently, we are still a young company, but as a future proof of concept, we aim for customers to pass on Taveri products from one generation to the next.

Especially our signature pieces, the CE-AA certified classic biker jacket and vest, are warranted to meet extremely high requirements in terms of function and safety. Only few materials along with high-quality workmanship can provide certified abrasion resistance. Cowhide leather, of the right thickness, is by nature very resilient. We deliberately chose this material because it requires less production effort than artificially produced materials and, as a by-product of the food industry, our processing adds value by extending its life cycle.

Also, cowhide is one of the few materials that doesn’t lose value with increasing use. Much rather proper care makes its patina more interesting and supple. All the while, the leather remains as resistant as on day one.