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Uninhibited Freedom

From a morning drive to an afternoon cocktail, you can always wear our Fearless Jacket and look your best while being invisibly protected to perfection. Pure peace of mind for every occasion.

TAVERI x Oliver Schibli

Abstract expressionism

5 Nov. 23 at Echo Park in Zurich, Oliver Schibli -abstract expressionist- painted one of our heritage jackets and suits live.

These pieces will be for auction this summer next to more items.

Next live artist event to be announced soon.

desire the unexpected

Limitless Freedom

Freedom is a state of mind. Everything we stand for is a celebration of our greatest good, freedom. Life should be a wild ride, your ride - enjoy it vigorously!


inspire consciously

Lasting Freedom

We believe in products that last. Mastering the wild ride of life. Our high quality leather protects you and the next generation.