Our story

Transcending the borders of high-end fashion and functional motorcycle gear

We as Taveri makers are motorcycle and motorsports enthusiasts who do not wish to match with any particular group of riders or bike brand. To reflect our own diversity, our appeal focuses on strong characters independent of gender or riding expertise. We offer maximum usage of Taveri garments on and off our customers’ choice of ride.

We are a group of connoisseurs with a professional background in design, photography and lifestyle brands. Taveri suits characters close to our own, riders with a clear vision of how to live a successful life as refined rebels and without any compromises.

Our style is influenced by the timeless appeal of iconic, 1960s racing rebels. It is the boldness and steadfastness which Isle of Man racers such as Luigi Taveri project. It is this era of racing that has inspired our design and which we chose to combine with modern day challenges in safety, sustainability and gender equality.

Taveri's origins

In 2016 Taveri founders Eric and Britta Pukall coincidentally discovered that Swiss motorcycle racing legend Luigi Taveri lived close to their home on Lake Zurich. As a photographer and motorcycle enthusiast Eric was interested in doing a personality portrait and reached out to Luigi Taveri. In preparation, Britta looked into historic racing footage. As an industrial designer and rider she soon became fascinated with Luigi's 1960's style racing suits. There and then the idea was formed to negotiate a Taveri trademark and to create motorcycle apparel.

In the Taveri archives they found access to original garments. However, Britta and Eric were not considering a revival of Taveri in form of a heritage collection. Much rather, the creative power couple was aiming at alternatives to existing retro chic or functional safety wear in the motorcycle fashion market. As urban professionals in the Avantgarde design scene they were going for a look that matched their own lifestyle and design standards. 

The couple chose unconventional means to bring their first collection to life. Amongst their circle of friends, experienced automobile and industrial designers supported them with looks and concepts, heavily influenced by Hollywood action movies, Sci-Fi heroins and armoured body wear. A bold look was created, somewhat disrupting the rules and providing unexpected views on a motorcycle community in transition. A community increasingly exposed to luxury special edition bikes, e-powered bikes and a growing numbers of female riders.

In true entrepreneurial spirit and toughened by trial and error attempts, Britta and Eric sourced partners to help develop and produce their product. Samples and a small original collection were launched in 2019. Later that year, Nicola and Nicole began supporting Taveri on numerous levels. Together they have managed to bring our product to market and to gain awareness amongst a larger group of riders.

Taveri’s Future

In 2020 considering all challenges for production and sales, we have managed to fulfil CE-AA certification for all leather biker garments. More pieces have been added to the Taveri product range and all eyes are on launching the new denim segment. Taveri’s outlook is to provide riders with more options to indulge in their motorcycle passion. We want urban professionals to enjoy more convenience and flexibility riding their bikes as daily rides. As such we continue to offer safety and leisure wear in a surrounding that embraces a sophisticated taste and take on fashion.

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