Our Standards

We make no apologies for setting high standards

Our fashion designed motorcycle garments balance high-tech protection with premium natural materials. Apart from our basic motorcycle leather jacket, our collection offers signature pieces such as the brave knight vests or the denim dame jumpsuit. We are continuously expanding our fashion collection to offer more seasonal and non-motorcycle fashion pieces and accessories.
All Taveri riding garments are certified by CE-AA standards. We cooperate with key industry players such as SAS-TEC and Royotec to guarantee rider protection. Our design team is lead by a fashion expert who focuses on enhancing male and female silhouettes, apart from having years of experience in the production of leather and denim collections.

TAVERI offers state of the art lightweight protection, functional materials and rider oriented design to ensure the full safety of urban riders. Our style enhances the particular edge of strong-minded individuals that stand out from the crowd.

We actively seek feedback from our customers concerning comfort, quality and fit. We also engage with our community in order to understand unfiltered rider demands. Most of all, we are keen on industry developments in terms of functional materials and safety wear, just as much as to incorporate Avantgarde fashion and design trends.

On the production side we work with experienced specialists in both Portugal and Turkey. Turkey is one of the biggest producers of high quality leather products in the world. Here production is carried out in accordance to European regulations with special attention to eco-friendly technology, flexible production capacity and high quality standards.

The Portuguese garment industry has a rich and long lasting history. As such Portuguese clothing and textile manufacturers have the know-how and the technology to produce high-quality garments. Our denim production partners are skilled manufacturers of motorcycle fashion. Their machinery and technology is specialised on the fabrication of 70 to 120 km/h CE certified denim.

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